Life Love Larson: Painted Trim Around Back Door


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painted Trim Around Back Door

Truth be told, our house is pretty new, we are the first inhabitants, and we got to pick a lot of the colors/finishes.  That being said, there are not a lot of large projects that happen around here.  So……. I take great pleasure in tweaking the small things to make our home more “us”.  It’s all in the details for me.

When I painted our back patio door black recently, it just wasn’t packing the punch that I wanted it to.  The door is mostly glass, so the small amount of black on the door just wasn’t doing much.  I decided to go ahead and paint the trim surrounding the door to make it look more dramatic.  And it worked.  Here is a before and after.

back door trim 1back door trim 2













Amazing how a 30 minute project can change the look entirely! 

back door trim 4

I like how the bold black on the door breaks up all the brown on the house, but still coordinates with our grey/black patio furniture. 

back door trim 5

This trim paint is not life changing, but the little things sure do make me happy! 

You can see our back patio progress here.  A big thank you to House of Hepworths for featuring my Painted Ourdoor Rug!


  1. You are so right, it totally adds so much! great job!

    1. Angela - I was a little worried that the black trim would look strange against the other brown trim, but I love the way it pops!