Life Love Larson: New Living Room Rug


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Living Room Rug

I am absolutely in love with our new living room rug!  It is from a familiar place….COSTCO!  Yes, Costco!  My sister was doing some major research on large rugs for her move to Singapore, and she ended up going with this shag rug from Costco (to ship with their stuff).  The price was right, the size was right, and it is beyond plush and soft.  The perfect rug for a high traffic area.

We also ended up purchasing the rug for our home (this is what sisters of our kind do)!  We already had a cheap, cream shag rug (from Home Depot) in the space, but it needed to be replaced.  We knew we wanted to keep the rug in the space very neutral, because there is a lot of color and pattern going on everywhere else.  We also have dark hardwoods and dark leather furniture that aren’t going anywhere, so we wanted to keep the rug light and bright.

living room rug 1

This is not a rug that is meant to stand out or provide any “wow” factor in our home, but we needed a soft place to break up all the dark hardwood.  I’m telling you, this rug is so plush and deep, your feet just sink into it. 

living room rug 2

The rug is well made and the underside is soft so it will not scratch your floors.  Such a great looking rug for the price!


Here are some inspiration rooms with white shag rugs.  When done in the right space, they can be great!  These work in colorful, fun spaces, as well as very neutral and crisp spaces. They also work with light wood flooring, as well as dark hardwood.  Such a versatile piece!

love fabric, color and combo of all colors in room. shag rug too :)


grey sofa, white chairs, white shag rug, gold accents


beautiful white walls, white sofa and chairs and shag rug


white and warm wood with shag rug


This rug sells for $299 at regular price, but they had it on sale for $249 when we bought ours.  There is also a smaller version, which sells for about $150.  Just remember that good finds can be found in unusual places so always be on the lookout!  Excuse me while I go roll around on our new rug!  :)

You can also see how I transformed anther Costco rug here.


  1. It looks so soft and thick. I have never looked at rugs at Costco, but I'm going to be looking for them now. Looks great!!

  2. Looks beautiful! One more reason I finally need to get a costco membership :)


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