Life Love Larson: Kindergarten


Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today was the day that Drew (my oldest) started Kindergarten.  He is only going half day (3 hours), but there’s something about being up at “big school” and entering actual Kindergarten, that has been making my lip quiver this week.  As for Drew?  No lip quivering going on.  Just sheer excitement and curiosity and readiness.  In this moment, I am thankful for his confidence and his ability to befriend anyone.  I am thankful for the joy and simplicity he has brought to our lives.  My heart is full of love for this guy.  I didn’t cry at drop-off this morning, but the tears are flowing now (I’m afraid it’s about to get sappy)!

drew 1

In a quiet moment with Drew yesterday morning, the past six years at home with him flashed before my eyes.  Did I enjoy these years at home enough?  Was I grateful to be home in those not-so-fun moments of parenting?  Have I prepared him for all that is to come?  Have I raised a confident and well mannered child?  Is he ready to tackle what is put in front of him?The truth is, I am so proud of the little boy Drew has become.  I would wish a boy like Drew upon everyone :).


Once he found his seat and saw me sort of lingering by the door in the classroom, he gave me the look like “I’ve got this, mom”, and that was my cue. 


I stole one last kiss, and in that moment I did not feel sadness, just a rush of energy as I realized we had made it.  Only to Kindergarten, I know, but what a milestone in a child’s (and parent’s) life.  Those long days of tantrums, and diaper bags, and potty training, and just one more PB&J, (and in our case, moving so much), seem like the very distant past.  I would do them all over again, but today, we are only looking forward…


I am grateful everyday for the gift of time that I have been given to share with this crazy kid.  I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for him.  Drew is loveable and innocent, sweet and empathetic, smart and curious, and a stand up big brother.


Although easy to forget, this couldn’t be more true.  It’s ringing loud and clear today.


Thanks for letting me get a little personal today.  I know I will be thankful to have this post one day!  You can catch me right back here at this time next year, as I prepare myself to do this all over again with Kate.  So many wonderful things about having kids close in age, but back to back grades is not one of them!!  xoxo

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