Life Love Larson: It’s So Hard To Say Good-bye…


Thursday, August 1, 2013

It’s So Hard To Say Good-bye…

Well, the time and month has arrived…my sister and her family will be moving to Singapore in 10 short days.  I have mentioned before how excited we are that they are moving and think it will be a fantastic opportunity for them, but that doesn’t mean it will not be heartbreaking to see them leave.  We have not lived in the same town in 12 years, but we have also never lived a world away!

We are visiting them this week to get some good quality time in before we head back to KC on Sunday.  I’m not looking forward to Sunday.  My heart hurts for my kids.  My heart hurts that my best friend will be 20 hours away, and on a 13-hour time difference.  The emotional person in me has a heavy heart, but the optimistic person in me knows that a few years will pass by quickly, and distance has never phased us before.

So, I am signing off for a few more days, and letting the highs and lows come as they will.  I will forever be grateful for the 18 months that we spent living only 3 hours away, and will cherish the relationships that these four have built over the last few years. 


We are movers, so we get the emotions, and the stress, and fearing the unknown, but moving has never seemed so real when you are on the other end of it!  Times change and life throws things our way.  Love and relationships know no bounds…or distance.



  1. Aww...I am so sorry you have to be parted for now. Thank God we live in a time when services like Skype can bring our loved ones back into our homes from anywhere in the world! We used it a lot while our daughter was away at college. It really helped. Sometimes we just went about our regular tasks while connected on the computer. It was almost like having each other in the same room. Take the time and enjoy your family while you can.


    1. Thanks Deborah! You are so sweet to comment. I'm hoping the distance won't seem so far with FaceTime. I'm hoping she starts her own blog to document their time there!!