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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Thoughts

Well, we had to say our good-byes to my sister and her husband and their kids last weekend.  It was not pretty.  I cried for an hour straight on the way home.  I know it’s not forever, but the thought of not seeing them until next summer gives me such a heavy heart.  Our phone conversations will have to become “planned” with the time difference, which really hurts my heart (!), but I can’t wait for them to get there and hear about all of their new experiences.  I think my sister is going to start a blog to document their life in Singapore, so I will fill you in when she does!


an sar

This little guy starts Kindergarten next week and turns 6 in a few weeks!  I simply can’t believe 6 years have flown by this fast.  We jumped the gun and shopped for school supplies a month in advance.  He is just a tad bit excited..and so, so ready!


While at Walmart, I picked up a plastic shower caddy (remember the ones you had to drag to the showers in college?) for $2.50.  It has become the new home for all of our markers, crayons, glues sticks, scissors, etc.  It is perfectly compartmentalized and everything is in one place-love it!

school file folders 4

I picked up these Kate Spade coasters at TJ Maxx recently.  They are way too pretty to set a drink on, so I'm going to have to come up with something and turn them into art!


I made these Summer Shandy cupcakes this summer.  If you like Summer Shandy, and you like lemon flavor, make these!  I will be trying the Corona and Blue Moon ones next summer for sure!


The Princeton Review ranked The University of Iowa as the #1 party school for 2013.  This is where Steve and I met and went to school.  I know all of our friends are laughing a little inside at this review because we all studied partied really hard when we were there several years ago.  I guess not much has changed, and I wouldn’t change my college experience for anything.  And, even though this is not a great statistic, we are hoping to get at least one child to become a Hawkeye (2 if we are lucky)!  This summer Kate and I had a little fun in Iowa City, posing at my sorority house.  Bad reviews and all, we are Hawkeyes through and through! :)


Anthropologie always delivers in their store décor.  I loved this little tablescape, with the color blocked rocks as the centerpiece, and the chargers made out of old pieces of wood with pink paint on the side. 


I will be making some of these chargers!


I think this is such a simple, but effective concept about teaching your child to interrupt in a respectful way, with no words and no whining. 

The Interrupt Rule - How your child can show respect and honor to their elders through a simple rule.  {the House of Hendrix}


A BIG thank you to French Country Cottage, Craftionary, and Whipperberry for featuring my DIY Painted Outdoor Rug!

I’m headed to the lake this weekend with an old and dear friend of mine, so the summer of fun continues!  Steve has decided to take the kids for a weekend trip to Omaha to visit the zoo.  I think he is a keeper!  Catch you back here next week!  Happy weekend!  xo


  1. LOVE the shower caddy idea! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Big hugs to you as you bid your sis "until next time!" My parents recently almost moved to FL and I nearly had a heart attack (while claiming to be supportive). I can't imagine if they really had. And your kiddos so close - tears! Thinking of you!