Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We ♥ South Carolina

We tagged along with Steve on a work trip to SC recently.  SC (Columbia, specifically) holds a special place in our hearts.  This is where both of our children were born, and it is the place where we lived the longest (3 years).  This is a very long time in our world!  We made dear friends while in SC, and will always cherish our time there. 

Steve stayed in Charleston for work, and the kids and I hopped in the rental car and headed to Columbia to stay with good friends.  They don’t remember, but these kiddos and their mommas used to do everything together.  They quickly got reacquainted…and boy how times have changed…no nursing, no stroller pushing, no diaper bags, no breaking up food into small pieces at dinner.  What a difference a few years make!

We went to the zoo…



And ate at a few of our favorite places…the tea is so sweet here…I love it!



We had a girl’s night…loved catching up and hearing my sweet friend’s southern accents…I miss y’all! :)


It was a quick, but wonderful visit.  Thanks for hosting us, Jason & Stacey!


Back in Charleston, Steve was done with work commitments and it was time to hit up the beach, with ice cream, of course.  


Oh, I think we are meant to live by a beach one day!





Fish and crabs were caught, sandcastles were built, seagulls were chased…that is Steve channeling his inner David Hasselhoff. :)





We also indulged in a Low Country Boil at a get together with friends…it was as good as it looks!


Making memories at it’s finest.  I highly recommend a trip to the Carolinas if you have never been!

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