Life Love Larson: Lucerne, Switzerland


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lucerne, Switzerland

From Heidelberg, we hopped in the mini bus and headed 3 hours to Lucerne, Switzerland.  Our final destination would be Italy, so we planned to have a one night stopover in Lucerne along the way.  We arrived at about 11am, and checked into our hotel, the Renaissance Luzern Hotel, which is the smallest Renaissance in the world.  The rooms were fantastic and the location was prime.
Switzerland is everything you dream it to be and then some.  The scenery is unbelievable.  Everything is crisp and clean and elegant.  You can tell there is a lot of money in Switzerland and it is expensive!!  Wow, the beauty just blew us away!

We walked over the Chapel Bridge (dating back to the 14th century), along Lake Lucerne, to grab a beer and take in some people watching. 
We then grabbed a quick bite to eat and bought our tickets for a boat cruise along Lake Lucerne.  The weather in Lucerne was absolutely perfect, making for amazing views.  We had some good company too. :)
At some point during the boat cruise, we were supposed to get off of our boat to head back to port on another boat.  We missed that memo and ended up in the quaintest little town nestled into the mountain, where we were able to catch the next boat back.  In the meantime, we dipped our toes in the river, and took in the moment.
We popped a little bubbly before our dinner that night and had a 10-year anniversary toast.
We had dinner reservations at the Old Swiss House.  The restaurant dates back to the 1800’s and is fully decorated with elaborate antiques, down to the stamped silverware.  Our waitress fried up huge pieces of Schnitzel right at our table.
There was absolutely nothing off limits by way of food and drink on this trip!! 

Our stay in Lucerne was short and sweet, but those views were worth every minute of our stay.  So happy to be making memories with this guy ♥.
Next up, a full day of road trip adventures on our way to Vernazza, Italy.  See you on the mini bus!

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