Life Love Larson: Spray Painted Wrought Iron Patio Table/Chairs


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spray Painted Wrought Iron Patio Table/Chairs

I spruced up our covered back patio this summer on a major budget.  We love, love, love having a covered patio space, but by the time you add a grill and a little seating area, it doesn’t leave much room for a large table and chairs.  We decided to go ahead and reuse our existing table/chairs, which is an inexpensive, small, wrought iron set that our realtor from our first house (3 moves ago in Charlotte) gave us after we moved in.  That means this small little four-seater has been with us for over 7 years! 
spray painted furniture 2

There isn’t much to it, and it is small, but we have a four member household, and it fits our needs and fits the space.  These chairs also rock on hinges, which we really like, and it is heavy, so no worries about our crazy winds taking it anywhere!  This set was originally hunter green, and I spray painted it black a few years ago.  The spray paint worked wonders on the wrought iron, so I have been spray painting every year since (we leave the set out all year long, so it is subject to winds, rain, and major snowfall).

You can see here the finish is a bit dull and there was some chipping. 
Coffee and spray paint to the rescue one chilly April morning…
I set up a little spraying station in my garage with several cardboard boxes surrounding each piece.  I would bring each piece around, spray, let dry, and return to the back. 
A fresh coat of spray paint makes this set look like new! 
After moving 3 times with this set, we lost the plastic things that go up underneath the feet of the table/chairs.  I was able to find replacements at Home Depot if anyone is in the market!  You just hammer them right in with a mallet.
Is it my dream dining space?  No.  Does it work for us for the time being?  Yes.  We do eat outside quite a bit, and we just make it work!  I would eventually like to pour an extra slab of uncovered patio space off the back of our house, so we can talk new dining sets when that time comes!
spray painted table 1
It has been really hot here lately, so indoor eating has been the preference as of late.  Hope you are getting outside to dine wherever you live!! 


  1. My parents have teak chairs and I love those, but the iron ones are nice as well!

  2. Spray Painted Wrought Iron Patio Table/Chairs. I spruced up our covered back patio this summer on a major budget. We love, love, love having ...