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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Recent Happenings

I think Summer 2013 is officially going down as one of the most fun!  We hit the neighborhood lottery and have the best, most fun neighbors who are always up for doing something and hanging out.  It makes for a wonderful thing for transplants like us who are not from this area, where neighbors become your friends/family/support system.  We are so lucky!!  We had a fantastic 4th of July filled with block parties, fireworks, pool time, and our first drive-in movie.


We have also been checking things off of our summer list right and left.  The blueberries we picked were the best we have ever tasted!


We made homemade blueberry/lemonade/honey popsicles with our pickings…


We have been spending time at the pool playing and taking swim lessons (and lounging :). 




Drew has his first season of coach-pitch under his belt and he has become quite the little hitter!


One of the highlights of our summer so far has been camping with our neighbors.  One of our neighbors has a parent with a family farm not far from where we live.  We finally purchased our first tent, fished, went on a hayride, grilled out, made s’mores, and enjoyed cool temps in June.  It was just perfect…family fun at its finest!

We bought a 10-person tent.  My very tall husband can stand up (bonus), and we figure it is big enough for friends or even another family to join along!


I love this picture with everyone in motion…




Hammering away at Home Depot…it’s never too early to learn some DIY skills!!


We watched Monsters University at our first drive-in movie this week.  What a fun experience…we hope to go back soon for Despicable Me 2!



I haven’t been getting much done around my house, because as you can see, we are never home!  I was hoping to get more done this summer, but I’m letting it go, and just enjoying the moments as they come.  My house isn’t going anywhere, but my kids are growing way too fast!

I was, however, excited to see this recent post from Emily Clark on some lamps she bought for her master bedroom.  Why so excited you ask?  I just so happened to buy those exact same lamps several weeks ago for my master.  This has confirmed for me that they were a good purchase (and I have since taken off the plastic wrap from around the shades)!  There really has not been a lot of progress on the master, but I will fill you in with more pics next week.


I need to give a quick shout out to Savvy Southern Style blog for featuring my DIY Life Preserver last week-thank you!!

I still have a few more Euro trip posts to share with you, so stay tuned.  I am taking the rest of the week off as the kids and I are tagging along with Steve (on a work trip to Charleston, SC).  While Steve works during the week, the kids and I are heading to Columbia, SC, to stay with friends and catch up on our old stomping grounds (this is where both kids were born and where we lived the longest (3yrs)).  We are so excited to spend time with friends and hit up the beach!  Here is an old picture of Drew and his little buddy, Jackson, from when we lived in SC.  Hard to believe so much time has passed.  What a blessing to still be in touch with so many old friends from all of our moves.

DSC_0538 (1)

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as well!   I saw yesterday that Target had all of the outdoor shelves down, and the school supply shelves were going up.  It won’t be long now…

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