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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Acrylic Frame Turned Tray

In an effort to keep my computer, papers, notebooks, and lists from covering the kitchen island, I have permanently made the switch to an “office”.  The fifth bedroom off the kitchen currently functions as a guest bedroom/office, and I am working on trying to make it a little more done, and pretty!

It already holds a large desk, which I also use as a craft space, and the walk in closet houses photo albums, craft supplies, all kid crafts/supplies.  It is very functional and I am happy I made the switch.  I found this quick tip recently and thought it was just genius!  The best part, no DIY skills necessary.  Simply purchase a cheap acrylic frame, take the back off, turn upside down, and you have an instant tray to hold all your pretties!
acrylic frame 5
In the inspiration post, the frame was found at a thrift store for $1.  I was impatient and just went to Michael’s (purchased a 9 x 12 frame for about $4)!
acrylic frame 6
Michael’s had larger and smaller sizes, so you can customize for your needs.  I also found this acrylic magazine holder at Homegoods and thought it would be perfect for stashing my notebooks and planner.
acrylic frame 7
I love the clean look of the acrylic and a tray just makes things look more put together.
acrylic frame 8
I think I need one of these for every room in my house!


  1. i totally love the acrylic look!

  2. Great idea! I would never have thought to use a frame as a tray. I'm visiting from the It's Overflowing link party.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  3. Isn't it great to be able to use one thing as another? Your deep frame is perfect as a tray for your desk. :)

  4. Very sleek and modern and sooooo creative. Stopping by from BNOTP.

  5. LOVE this idea. so easy and yet it looks so great! thanks for sharing. your blog is super cute. new follower here :)