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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recent Happenings & A Getaway

The summer seems to be flying by already!  We are keeping busy with gymnastics, VBS, tee ball, pool time, hanging with the neighbors, and checking things off our summer list.  I have been working on a few house projects here and there, and will be blogging all summer (just probably not as often or as consistently)!

Amongst other things, we have learned my sister and her family are moving to Singapore in August.  We finally moved within 3 hours of each other, and now they will be 20 hours travel time away!  We are really so excited for them.  What an amazing opportunity and life experience to share with their kids.  We are movers, so we get it.  I know two years will go by so quickly.  I’m trying not to think about it too much as I know when the time comes, it is going to be so hard on both of us…and the cousins…and my parents.  We are lucky we have such a strong connection, and distance never seems to phase us, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  Looking on the bright side, I see a trip to Singapore in our near future!

And speaking of trips, our 10 year anniversary trip is right around the corner.  We are traveling to Europe with my sister and her husband, who also celebrate 10 years this year.  We are so happy to be spending time away sans kids!  Thank you for all of your sweet emails, texts, and comments about that anniversary post.  I think it hit home for a lot of you!

Birthday party fun with my favorite girl…


A new indoor/outdoor rug for my mudroom.  Loving the bold pattern.  That door will be black soon!


Spending precious time with cousins before they move.


Rescuing turtles with grandma…


Donating items to the OK tornado victims…I think this hits close to home for them because they are aware of what “tornado alley” is and that we live in it.  Thankful for no sirens or trips to the basement this year in KC, and happy to help out those affected.


DIY tile & wrapping paper coasters for the patio, using the same technique used here.


Dance recital and a soccer game in the same day…that’s how she rolls!



Pre-K graduation…I can hardly stand it.


In general, just growing up way too fast!


This will be my last post for a few weeks.  Total travel time is almost two weeks, and I will be completely signed off.  Please follow me on Instagram @amlarson3 to see travel photos along the way, and I will be sure to update you all on entire trip when we return! 

As always, thank you for your visits, comments, pins, emails, etc.  I am lucky to have such loyal and amazing readers!! ♥

Until then, Auf Wiedersehen and Arrivederci!!  xoxo


  1. Love that new rug! And the patio coasters are awesome, too.

  2. Have an awesome trip!! Love the rug and coasters!! See ya when you get back!