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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fourth of July “Wreath”

First things first when you get home from a long vacation…put a new wreath on the door to go with the season.  Everyone’s first thought, right?  No, just in my crazy world!
We fly our American flag all year long when it is nice outside, and I wanted to bring a little something classic red, white, and blue to the door.  In true DIY fashion, I did some digging around and found this red tin star that was collecting dust in the basement.  I have had this since we lived in Texas and I will always hold onto it for memory sake (two stints in TX, so we are honorary, right?).

I usually pull this star out at the holidays to use as inside décor, but never thought about putting it on the front door.  A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for some ribbon and our festive “wreath” was hung.
july 4 3
It’s all very classic looking, which I love.  I found the ribbon in the massive 4th of July section at Hobby Lobby for 30% off.  I also added two very small felt pads to the back of the bottom two pieces of the star so it won’t damage the paint job upon opening and closing the door.
july 4 5
I think it works especially well with our blue front door (that I am still loving, by the way).  Not every “wreath” has to be round!
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  1. I'm still laughing at your post... not because it's funny. Because I have that same star. And I keep moving it here to there because I have no idea what to do with it and where to put it. I absolutely love your idea of making it a patriotic wreath. It's all so clear now. Thanks for the idea! Hugs, Holly

    1. Holly-so glad I found some inspiration for this darn star I have been hoarding in my basement and glad you found some inspiration too!! xoxo

  2. Love the star on your front door!

  3. Your front door looks amazing, I love the star. I have a few stars in my craft room to use as decoration for the 4th. Thanks for the inspiration. ;o)