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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garage Entry Door Painted Black

I’m slowly getting the the entry and exit doors painted on my first floor.  The back patio door is painted black on both sides, the front door is painted blue, and now the garage entry door is painted black.  My new neighbor has this door painted black, and it just confirmed that it needed to be done over here!  I’m hoping to get the interior front door done very soon, as well as the mudroom door!
This particular door faces out to the garage, and though a garage is hardly an interesting or pretty place, this was an easy change and a quick “like your house from every angle” sort of project.  I had some leftover exterior black paint from the back door, so all I needed to grab was a roller.  Here is the door pre-paint…
black garage door 1
I debated painting the unfinished trim around the door, but decided against it in the end.  I washed the door with water and mild soap.  No priming.  Here is the door after 3 coats of paint.
black garage door 3
I used a roller but didn’t bother to tape off the door handle or lock.  I used a small brush to get the space between the handle and lock and around both pieces.  Make sure to roll as much as you can to avoid brush strokes. 

I LOVE a black door.  I’m surprised what a difference this has made.  This is the door I use about 20 times a day, so it makes sense that I should like looking at it!  It’s all in the details…
black garage door 1black garage door 4
Hope you are all having a great week! 


  1. It looks so great!!! Did you leave the door on the hinges while painting it? How long does it take to dry? I'd love to paint our front door but I'm not sure how to do it without leaving our front door open at night!

    1. I always leave the door on the hinges. I would paint on a day when it's not humid, so you don't get a sticky door all day. The drying time is not terrible. Just make sure to do it on a day you can be home for a few hours. You technically should wait an hour or so in between coats, but I get lazy and usually recoat before that!!!

    2. Thank you! Now I just have to work up the nerve to do it. It's a new house so I feel a bit guilty painting over a 6 month old perfectly good paint job. I just want a funner color! :)

    3. Our house is new too, but that doesn't stop me! My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to change things in a new house. To me, it's what gives a new home life and personality!!

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  4. The garage door, honestly, has more appeal in black. This is a door painting success! :) This is the problem that most often upsets me when I visit someone's house. Just because the door is inside, they pour very little attention to it. The entry door might create the impression, but the doors inside would reflect one as a homeowner. Sharron @Price’s Guaranteed Doors

  5. I personally like using black paint for my door for its inviting and sophisticated atmosphere. Also, having it coated in dark paint means that the color won’t easily fade.

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  7. I am a believer in black now. I would have never believed it until I saw your pictures. One thing I noticed right away is that when you come in the house from the garage now, you don't have to worry about grease or dirt on your fingers getting that white door dirty. I am making this my weekend project.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock