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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Confetti Inspired Terra Cotta Pots

Here is the guest post I did for Lil Luna last week in case you missed it!!
I wanted to make a quick and simple craft that anyone could try for Mother’s Day.  I am in full spring fever mode, and I am no stranger to decorating pots.  I love indoor and outdoor plants and I love making simple pots look more festive.  I always think that you absolutely can’t go wrong with gifting a plant!  This craft is inspired by my love for gold and confetti inspired art. 
polka dotted pot 6
I started with two different terra cotta pots.  I love to pick up pots at thrift stores because they are already “worn” looking, which I love.  This can also be purchased for cheap almost any store this time of year.  I picked up three different sheets of gold scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and a 1” circle punch.  You will also need Mod Podge to complete this project.
Start punching out several circles and adhere to your pot in random order with Mod Podge.  I used a small paint brush to brush Mod Podge on the back of each circle.  It is a good idea to take your finger and press the paper onto the pot so it doesn’t peel back.  Once all of your circles are added, add an entire thin layer of Mod Podge over the top to seal the paper circles to the pot.
polka dotted pot 4 polka dotted pot 5
Allow some drying time to make sure all of the scrapbook paper is fully adhered to the pot and add your favorite plant (begonia on the left, lemon button fern on the right).
polka dot pot 1
I also made little homemade gift tags to tie to the plant.  They are made from simple white tags (bought at any craft store).  I added a gold circle to the end with a glue stick and hole punched a space to tie kitchen twine to the plant.
polka dot pot 3
For this tag, I added a little Washi tape to embellish it even more. 
polka dot pot 2
I think the gold “confetti” makes these pots really festive and fun!  Homemade is always a good idea, don’t you think?!

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