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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creative Dress Up Storage

I’m trying to finish up showing you all of the projects from Kate’s room (we have been talking about her room for a loooong time)!  Her room has truly been such a fun room to decorate and a labor of love because almost everything is redone, refinished, repainted, recovered, DIY’d, or purchased second hand. 
About a year ago, we were shopping at a vintage market, Urban Mining, in Kansas City, and stumbled upon a great piece of worn wood with knobs.  After a little contemplating, we decided it would work in Kate’s room as a creative dress up storage solution.  I think I paid $15-$20.
dress up 1
dress up 8
Dress up is big in our house, especially with Kate.  I thought it would be the best use of space to hang these dresses in her room, on a large wall that needed a little something.
dress up 4
I thought about painting and changing the knobs, but in the end just cleaned it up and left it as I bought it.  I like the fact that it is chippy and worn looking, and the knobs never show anyway.
dress up 6
Kate loves having her dress up stuff at her fingertips.
dress up 7
I also keep a pink basket on the floor next to the dresses with all of the crowns, shoes, gloves, etc.  Everything has a specific spot in this house-it keeps me sane!! :)
dress up 3
dress up 5
I think there is only one more project to share (that I recently finished) and then I will add some pictures of her whole room.  I’m hesitant to ever say rooms are “done”, but the big things are complete!
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  1. Great idea!! I had a dress-up boxes (actually two pink tubs) for costumes and one for accessories. With two girls, dress-up was a daily part of our lives and memories.

  2. What a great idea. Our dress up clothes are stuffed into a basket, I really need to do this. If you get a chance, please link this up to my linky party: