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Monday, April 1, 2013


Hope you all had a great weekend and happy April!  We went from 8 inches of snow last Sunday, to 60’s and sunny this Sunday.  It’s cold again today…wondering if spring will ever stick around?!  Steve took Friday off, so we had a wonderful weekend of family fun.  We also managed to get the garage cleaned out, had a date night, and spent a lot of time enjoying the fresh air! 

The kids and I dyed a few different sets of eggs this year.  These gold-tinted ones were my favorite (from Dollar Tree, no less).IMG_3715

I tried a new method for hard-boiling eggs.  325 degrees for 30 in the oven.  They turned out perfectly.IMG_3704

We made Peep Smore’s…IMG_3768

We took carrot bars to Steve’s office…

We FINALLY checked out the KC Zoo…we walked 5 miles in 3.5 hours (bring your walking shoes and your energy OR just ride the tram ;).IMG_3777

Soccer season has started up again and this little guy is looking way too old for this momma!  IMG_3807

Master bedroom makeover is in full force.  One of my favorite products is making an appearance.IMG_3782

This little girl just wanted a picture with her Daddy…IMG_3792

Have you seen these panels at Lowe’s?  Nice fabric, grommets, and they come in long lengths.  Very inexpensive too!  IMG_3551

We dog sat over spring break.  It was such a treat to take care of these sweet pups.  How long will we be able to go without getting another dog??  Our heads say to wait a really long time, but our hearts miss our big guy so much!  IMG_3572

Enjoy your Monday…we’re off to hunt for some lamps for the master bedroom…on April 1st…in our winter coats… :)


  1. I am looking for curtains now and I think those are gorgeous! Do you know the name of them?

    1. Margaret-I am so sorry I didn't take a picture of the actual panel in the packaging. I tried to search online and couldn't find them. These were on a kiosk right by the blinds/curtains/wallpaper section of Lowes. Hopefully you could go to your local one and find them! Sorry I don't have the exact info!