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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Attempting to Rid Of {Dog Pee Spots}

I spent the better part of Sunday working in the yard.  The temp was pleasant and it felt good to get my hands dirty and get some things done.  Our lovable Great Dane (who passed Feb. 1st) was lovable, but boy did he do a number on our backyard.  He wasn’t a digger, and for the most part did his duties in one corner of the yard, but he would pee wherever he wanted!  He was a big dog, and he peed big.  We were left with large dead pee spots in our backyard (around 40 to be exact…I counted) that needed some attention. 


Now that we no longer have a dog, I am attempting to work on this mess.  First up, dig up all the top layer (dead grass), until you reach dirt.  If nothing else, this was a good arm/back workout for me!


I took a trip to a local grass/seed/feed store, and they hooked me up with some seed and peat moss.  Make sure you know what kind of grass you have, so you can try to match it the best you can.  Two pounds of seed and 1 cu. ft. of peat moss ran me about $14.


I spread the seed in each spot and quickly covered it with a thin layer of peat moss.  I have never used peat moss before, but I am going to start using it with all of my indoor/outdoor plants.  It is an fine, organic mixture that helps trap moisture and helps to keep the seed from blowing away and prevents weeds from blowing in.  Have I mentioned it’s windy in Kansas?!?!

Here is one of the spots with half seed and half peat moss cover.  You can see the peat moss is the texture of a fine soil.


So, I now have about 30 spots in my yard that look like this.  I still have another 10 or so to dig up.  After mulching and digging all day, my poor hands needed a break!


It is supposed to rain/storm/snow (yes, I said snow) in the next day or two so hopefully the moisture will be good for my new seed!  Anything is better than dead grass pee spots!  We debated just laying down some new sod, but everything I researched suggested planting new seed.  I will keep you posted on the progress. 

I also wanted to update you on Jewel’s progress.  She is thriving!  I guess naming her and paying attention to her is working :)!  She is sprouting new leaves almost daily and she has only dropped 2 leaves total since we got her a few months ago.  I have only watered it twice.  Yep, twice.  I have learned that 3/4 of a gallon at a time is just about perfect and then I don’t need to do anything for weeks.  I think it must get just the right amount of sun in the little corner she is in, so she will stay put!  I absolutely love the color, texture, and drama she adds to the space!



Have you been working out in your yard??  Our weather has a mind of its own, so we are getting as much done as it will allow.  I’m hoping May will give us a real dose of spring! 

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  1. I know how you feel...we have 2 rottweilers and we have no backyard