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Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy Friday and Happy March!  It’s snowing here again today.  How could we have such a mild winter, and then get 20 inches the last week in February, and have it snow on March 1st??  I know the wheat farmers in Kansas (and farmers all over the area) are loving this precipitation (and so is my yard), so I will keep my mouth shut and dream about a lovely spring to come!  Posting about a bunch of random stuff today!  Long post alert…

Just a friendly reminder to be sure to change out all the filters in your house:

1.  Air Filter- I think this is pretty obvious to everyone, but it is important!  I usually buy a 3-pack so I always have one on hand.  I check on this about every month and replace when it starts to look dirty.

Make sure you are also cleaning/dusting your return vents in your home.  You should be able to put a piece of paper up to the return, and it should stick if your system is working right.

2.  Home Humidifier Pad- I did a separate post about this because it was news to me that this needed to be changed.  My parents recently checked their home’s humidifier pad, and discovered that it was black and covered in mold!  Please check this if you live in a climate where you need humidity control (not sure if these are found in newer homes, or all homes).

3.  Refrigerator water filter- If you have an ice/water system on fridge, don’t forget to change the filter.  Our fridge starts to leak some water out of the filter when it is time to be changed, which just happened recently.  You can go to your manufacturer’s website and order replacements, but I like  They are usually discounted, and even with shipping, cheaper than you can find anywhere else.  I think a good rule of thumb is to change a fridge filter about every 6-12 months, or more often if you use the heck out of it.


While I am on my home maintenance kick, please make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home!  This may also seem obvious, but there was a recent story of an adult brother/sister (and 2 dogs) in the KC area that died during our recent snowstorm.  They were running a generator in their basement that was releasing carbon monoxide.  We keep our detector in the upstairs hallway where all of the bedrooms are located.  You can buy these at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc for about $25.

A very good friend of mine organizes a 5k and 1 mile stroll every spring to benefit the local Myasthenia Gravis Association. This year, it will be held on April 6th.  If you are a KC local, we would love for you to participate!  If you wish to walk/run and/or donate, please see the links below.


Register to run/walk:


I have signed up to run the 5k this year.  My first one!  Let’s be clear, I’m not a runner.  I do go to the gym regularly, but it is in a nice, air conditioned, cushy place to work out.  Running outside is a whole other ball of wax.  I am sure I will be passing out at the finish line!  When my “Strike” class was done this morning, the teacher made a comment that I thought was comical and that will stay with me when I’m unmotivated… “Skinny people look good in clothes, fit people look good naked.” :)

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to several great blogs for featuring my No-Sew Black & White Striped Curtains this week.  It is quickly turning into one of my most popular posts to date!  As always, thanks to all of you for stopping by, commenting, and pinning.  You are the reason this has turned into such a fun hobby for me!

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My degree (and work before staying home with my kids) was in social work.  I am borrowing this from a friend’s Facebook status today (thanks Leslie)…Happy National Social Work Month!

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try."  -JFK 

Speaking of Facebook and staying home with my kids, I also saw this the other day and got a good laugh…


Getting through the snow days with bubble baths…


All the snow…magic to these southern-born kids!


My sister is coming into town tomorrow for a little girl time.  All is right in the world when I get to see her and do a little shopping, eating/drinking, and hanging out. 

I’ve also been getting crafty this week and making some DIY decorations for a baby shower I am hosting on Sunday.  So many of my neighbors are still having babies, so it is super fun for me to get a little baby fix!  Can you guess what she’s having?


Hope you all have a great weekend!  Cheers!

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