Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bamboo Shades + Curtain Dreams

The kids are on spring break this week (and the weather is non cooperating), and because Steve and I are taking a big anniversary trip this summer, spring break is consisting of normal stuff…library, rec center, swimming, gym, trips to Lowe’s, shopping for pillows, dog sitting for neighbors, and I am working on redoing our master bedroom.  It’s not even really “redoing” as much as it is just “doing” or “starting”, as we have never had a master bedroom to be proud of!!

Here is a real life picture of what is going on in our bedroom right now…aren’t you jealous of this serene and cozy environment?? :)  Our bedroom is very large.  I don’t love a large master bedroom.  I know I’m weird like that.  I would much rather distribute that square footage to rooms that get used more than our master.  We don’t need a sitting area and our TV is so far away from our headboard (yes, we have a TV in our bedroom)!  I’m not sure why builders build HUGE master bedrooms, but I guess most people love them.  I’m not one of them.

Anyway, large rooms are hard to decorate.  The wall color isn’t changing.  We have 10 year old bedroom furniture that I’m trying to make “work”.  This is going to be a project!


Let’s talk windows.  When we first moved in, we just needed to cover the windows for immediate privacy.  This is the suburbs and the distance between houses is what I like to call “cozy”.  I already knew I didn’t want to go with wood blinds in every room.  Nothing against wood blinds, but the real deal is super expensive and everyone and their brother has them.  We wanted to be able to customize the window treatments for each room based on our needs.

When we moved in, we opted for $25 fabric roman shades from JCP.   We have been happy with them, and for the price, I would definitely recommend if you are looking for fabric shades.  This product gets excellent reviews, they are easy to install, they provide privacy, and they add a softness to the window.  My kids also have these fabric shades up to their windows, along with panels on either side.  These poor windows are screaming for some panels!!  Please excuse these dark, sad pictures, but you get the idea!


Once we really started thinking about changing things up in the master bedroom, we decided to change out the fabric shades and replace with natural bamboo shades.  Two of the four of these fabric shades will be reused in the toy room, so not all is lost here. 

I hit up Home Depot and Lowe’s to see what they had to offer.  I’m a very visual person and I like to see things in my home.  I also like instant gratification, which is why I don’t do a lot of online shopping/purchasing.  I purchased a pecan-colored bamboo shade at Home Depot.  It was 1 inch longer than the inside of the window, so I had Steve hang it just above.  I’ve seen others do this above-mount and it actually adds height to the room.  This is a great tip.  If you want to purchase from a store that doesn’t have your exact window size, simply mount the shade above the window!IMG_3526

You can see here that the wall color is the same as in our dining room, a smokey blue/grey, and the trim is a creamy white.  We were hoping the bamboo shades would add some nice contrast and texture, which happened instantly.  After living with the pecan colored shade for a few days, I decided it wasn’t right.  It was just too dark.  The shade itself was great.  Again, easy to install, provided good privacy, and it was a great price.  Only $37 for the size we needed!

I did some more research and scoured online images and I found myself being drawn to a more natural colored shades.  So, the pecan shade came down (my husband is a trooper and has lived with me long enough to know this kind of stuff happens in my world) and off we went to Lowe’s to see what they had to offer.

We found these Levolor brand bamboo shades in “natural”.  They come in various lengths and widths and you can have them custom cut the shade right at the store to fit the dimensions you need.  In our case, we bought 36 inch width, but the inside of our windows are 34 inches.  According to manufacturer recommendations, you should cut the shade 1/2 inch shorter than the window to account for the window frames being off a little and not wanting the shade to fit too snuggly, so we left with 33.5 inch shades.


This size ran us $62 per shade.  These would have been so much more expensive to order custom, so we will take it!  These shades also have a privacy liner which is a huge bonus!  Sorry about the bad picture but you can see how the lighter shade changes the whole look (still in the phase of “deciding” so excuse the orange warning tags and strings that haven’t been cut!


I will be reusing four long, white IKEA curtains in this space (there are two more windows to the right of these).  These are the same curtains that I used to make the no-sew striped curtains in my dining room.  I had six of these panels that we used in our San Antonio home and they are all being put to good use in this home. 

I have visions in my head of doing something to the curtains to make them more interesting.  I really want to just work with what I have.  At this point in time, I think I want to add a ribbon or fabric trim to the edges.  Here are some inspiration photos…


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

There is still a lot to get done in this space.  Because I love lists, here goes…

New window coverings
Trim and hang curtains
New curtain rods
New bed skirt
New sheets
New bedding (a white down alternative comforter has been purchased)
Blanket/throw for end of bed
Pillows for bed
Long bench or two x-benches for foot of bed
New hardware for existing furniture
Art for above bed
Large mirror to lean against large wall
New wall sconces for bed sides
Accessorize bedside tables
Accessorize dresser and wall above it
New chair/ottoman/floor lamp for seating area
Recover existing upholstered headboard (this was a DIY project and fabric is getting changed)
New overhead light fixture for seating area

WOW!  I’m tired now.  I’ll keep you posted as it all happens! 

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  1. I love Roman shades for the same reason too! The softness it adds to the room creates a naturally inviting look. So for our living room, Roman shades are customary. It's that one place I can willingly share to anyone. ;D You've changed treatments now, though I love it just the same! The mix of elements is a whole different approach, but it is interesting. :) Roxie ^.^


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