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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Never “Lego” My Heart {Valentines}

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, it comes as no surprise that Drew requested Lego Valentines this year! 

After a trip to the candy store, we filled up cellophane bags, printed out a little card, Drew wrote all the names on the back, we tied it up with string, and this is how it turned out!

lego 3

There just so happens to be a hard candy that looks like Legos (and they even hook together!), so this was a super simple homemade Valentine. Beware if you have a large class, this could get expensive!  The candy runs $8.95/lb.  Drew only has 9 kids in his class, so we were able to get by with a little less than a pound.

lego 2

I got the saying idea from Pinterest.  I made the template in Word, printed it out on cardstock, and hold punched it with a heart hole punch ($1 at Walmart). 

lego 1

I absolutely cannot get enough of this 5 year old handwriting :)…


Drew cannot wait to share with his friends!  I think they turned out super cute (for minimal effort)!

lego 3

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  1. These are darling! Both of my sons would love to receive a Valentine like this:)

  2. That's just adorable! Great idea :-)

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