Life Love Larson: Mudroom Progress


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mudroom Progress

I share so many little things about our home, but I don’t do a good enough job of actually showing you what entire spaces look like in our house.  I am currently (and slowly) going through my house room by room and sprucing things up. Not in a fun way.  In a “get on my hands and knees and clean baseboards and touch up paint kind of way”.  I figured that was a good jumping off point for me to show you pictures of what rooms look like now and what I want to do to them at some point. 

You know that I will NEVER say a room in my house is DONE.  That will never happen.  Every room is always “IN PROGRESS”.  I have a sickness about my house and home décor and DIY and changing things up, did you know??!!  If you don’t, just ask my husband. :)

So, here is what our mudroom looks like right now.  Absolutely zero natural light comes to this space, so I had to do some photo editing to make the pictures even visible.  This is a view from the bathroom door.  There is a door to the left that leads to the garage, and the kitchen is to the right.  The little door on the left that you can see is a hall closet.  Directly across from the closet is the 5th bedroom, which we use as a guest bedroom (the downstairs bath I am standing in is a full bath with shower for guests).

mudroom 1

Below is a built-in that came with the house.  It is not a huge mudroom, but for our small family of 4 it functions perfectly.  It has 5 hooks for coats/backpacks and the baskets hold seasonal items like hats and gloves.  The top shelf holds a dance bag and basketball stuff so we have easy access on our way out the door to class and practices.  You can see the shoe storage on the bottom.  All kids shoes are stored here, nothing upstairs in their rooms.  Again, this makes my life easier when heading out the door.  The kids know exactly where everything goes and it never has to be talked about.  The left space is Kate’s, the middle is Drew’s, and Steve and I keep “running out to the garage shoes” in the far right spot.

You can see the DIY growth chart here as well.

mudroom 2

Here is a view from the doorway of the guest bedroom.  The large door heads to the garage and the DIY Artwork Display hangs to the left and right of the bathroom door.

mudroom 3

This is a view from the kitchen.  The chalk wall to the right, the bathroom is to the left.

mudroom 4

mudroom 5

I haven’t blogged about this little DIY project, but Steve and I threw together this little piece with hooks for more storage.  We keep our keys on these hooks, dry cleaning and miscellaneous items that come home, and for the longest time the longhorn hook held a dog leash.  We now use it to hold the collars of the two dogs we have lost.  We lived in Texas during two different moves, hence the longhorn.

mudroom 6

It is a small space, but it is really one of my favorites.  I am practical and I like function.  This space delivers that. 

There isn’t much, but here is a rundown of what I still want to do in this space:
1.  Paint the interior door that leads to the garage.  Still not sure if I want to do a color or just stick with charcoal grey or black.
2.  Paint the hook piece above.  It blends in too much with the light walls.
3.  Get a new large rug.  The white rug has been great, but it needs replaced. 
4.  Install a new light fixture.  There are currently can lights (which are fine), but I would like something fun for the space in front of the door.

There you go!  Probably more information than you will ever need to know about where my kids keep their shoes, but isn’t that why we love and read blogs?

In case you were wondering, the paint color is SW Big Chill.  The 3-unit storage bin with the “1,2,3” is from Homegoods.  I added the vinyl numbers here.  The red rug is from Target and the white rug is from Ross.  Everything else in the space is DIY!


  1. What a great space! I love your built-ins for coat & shoe storage, and your chalkboard wall is fantastic! I attempted to copycat your artwork display a couple of months ago, and mine turned out so-so...maybe I should posts pics to my blog one day. Looking forward to your updates : )

  2. Love your built-in!!! The space looks great!! Thanks for sharing :)