Sunday, February 24, 2013

Company + Snow + Flu

Sorry I have been a bit MIA lately!  My parents visited for a few days, and we got hit with a huge snow storm in in KC (I think we got about 12 inches)!  The day before the storm, I tested positive for influenza, so I have been busy with company and running on empty (I promise to get a flu shot next year, mom)!  We hunkered down and just hung out for a few days, which was great.  I think my dad and Steve are going to be sore for days with the amount of shoveling that took place. 

It just so happens that we are supposed to get hit with another huge snow storm tomorrow, so we are waiting to see what that will bring.  I thought we were on our way to spring, but mother nature has other ideas!IMG_3134IMG_3168IMG_3235IMG_3206IMG_3216

Hoping to catch up on some blogging if we get snowed in again!  Thankful for a warm home, good medicine, and having some help while I haven’t been 100%!


  1. Im sorry you're sick. I've been sick with a sinus infection and swollen glands and my husband is sick with pneumonia..Tis the season!..The kids look like they had a ball in the snow. I am originally from NJ and I miss the snow. I live in the South now and think my body may have finally (after 10 yrs) acclimated to the climate. We had snow over last weekend with ice but what got to me most was the cold.. I can't stand the cold cold anymore but as for snow? I wish I were little again because besides it being pretty I still like to play in it :)

  2. So sorry you are sick, but at least you have meds and great helpers. Feel better soon.


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