Life Love Larson: “Bear Hugs” Valentines


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

“Bear Hugs” Valentines

Kate and I finished up her preschool valentines yesterday.  We filled up treat bags with teddy grahams and gummy bears, and are sending “Bear Hugs” to all of her little friends.  This original idea came from Family Fun Magazine.

valentine 1

You will need cellophane bags, cardstock, ribbon, teddy grahams, and gummy bears.  I used stamps and a sharpie on the cardstock, but you could use whatever you wanted here.  I also found this cute heart hole punch at Walmart for $1.


Simply fill up your bags and include the words “Bear Hugs” on your card.  I used alphabet stamps to make “Bear Hugs”, and Kate signed her name.  We punched a heart on the side in order to string the ribbon.



Simple and homemade, just how I like it!  Kate helped with the whole process, and she can’t wait to share with her friends!


  1. So sweet! Those are the best kind of valentines...ones that the kids make. It makes it more special to them. She did a great job!

  2. Too cute! I'm sure she will enjoy passing them out at school!