Life Love Larson: The Ears are Pierced!


Monday, January 14, 2013

The Ears are Pierced!

A hunt for new basketball shoes for Drew brought the four of us to the mall on Saturday.  We struck out on shoes (is everyone in KC a kid’s size 12.5?), but we didn’t walk away from the mall empty handed.  Little Miss Kate took the plunge and got her ears pierced!IMG_2542We had previously talked about getting them done around her 4th birthday, but she was never really serious about it.  We were passing by Claire’s and I mentioned to Kate that she should get her ears pierced while we were there.  Without hesitation she said she wanted to do it.  The girl at the ear piercing station showed her the earrings and that was it, she was sold! 

Figuring we should just go with the moment, she sat up in the chair, I filled out the paperwork, and we picked out a pair of earrings (3 mm CZ studs).  Here she is pre-earrings with “Claire Bear”.IMG_2535The whole time I am filling everything out, I am certain she is going to back out at the last second.  Although, she was confident and smiling and ready and never waivered.  Between how fast decisions were being made and it being a spontaneous gesture, I was more nervous than she was!  Actually, Drew was the most nervous.  He told Steve he couldn’t stand to watch because he didn’t want to see Kate get hurt (awwww!).

A few things to note….I made the Claire’s employee redo the dots (twice) because I was so worried about them being uneven (this is permanent and I was being “that mom”).  I also had another guy working come over and look at the dots and he fixed them again.  Ha!  This sounds dramatic, right?  Several people had told me to have the ears pierced at the same time.  I requested this and they had no problem doing it…the only way to go in my opinion! She let out an “ouch”, but no tears.  We were so proud of her.  Here is the after shot…IMG_2537I big moment for a little girl.  A confidence boost.  She won’t stop showing off her ears.  She also got a haircut this morning, so she now sports an adorable little bob.  Say goodbye to tangles and fighting over hair in the morning!  IMG_2579

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I did the same thing when my daughter got hers pierced, had them both done at the same time. I was so afraid she'd get one done and freak out and not let them do the other one. She didn't cry but looked freaked out...we got out into the center of the mall and I said, "You can cry if you need to." She literally fell onto a bench and balled her eyes out for like 15 minutes. It was so sad...but funny. That was 7 years ago (she was 5 then) and I still chuckle about that day. :)

  2. They look great and I love her new haircut that shows off her earrings. Both my girls had both ears pierced at the same time. Glad she took the plunge and had them done :)