Life Love Larson: How to Store Legos


Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Store Legos

I was in a mood yesterday, specifically about the Legos taking over Drew’s room.  So, I dumped them all in the middle of his room in a sort of “shock and awe” moment.  I then told him that all Legos would be sorted today and he would be helping me.  Insert a 5-year old jaw drop now. 
We have acquired a lot an insane amount of Legos over the course of 5 years.  If you know us, and you might ever purchase a gift for my child in the future, please take Legos off your list!  NO MORE!  I also dumped all clothes out of his drawers (see the pile in the back corner) in my fit of rage trying to gain some order. 
I get Legos.  I completely get it.  I know Drew has gained invaluable skills from playing with Legos and I am completely happy that he will sit and play with them for hours and rebuild and tear down and rebuild.  I also know he will continue to play with these for years to come so they are the gift that keeps on giving.  I get it and I support it. What I don’t get (or support)is how difficult it is to keep them all in check!!!!! 
We keep all Legos in Drew’s room because he wakes up and plays with them, plays with them at quiet time in the afternoon, and he likes to keep them in “his” space, away from the neutral toy room :).  We are currently thinking of a long term solution for a Lego table and shelves to store some of his creations.  For now, I just want them sorted.  I want every little yellow head and mini sword and little box legs to have a spot to call their own.  I don’t sound angry about this at all, do I??!!
Based on what we currently have, here is the shake down of bins:
1.  Red, yellow, blue pieces
2.  Knights
3.  Gray, black, brown pieces
4.  Wheels, steering wheels, and motorcycles
5.  Star Wars
6.  Miscellaneous heads, bodies, hair, hats
7.  Ninjago Ship
8.  White and green pieces
9.  Ninjago
10. Instruction manuals
11. Miscellaneous pieces:  all leftover pieces that don’t have a specific place
12. Ninjago Vehicle
13. Star Wars Vehicles
It is amazing how consolidated these little guys can become. The red and green bins go in the white IKEA storage bin you see in the top picture.  I would so recommend this if you are in need of something.  The top acts as a play space on which to build.  The clear plastic bins have lids and get stacked in Drew’s closet.
TROFAST frame, white Width: 39 " Depth: 17 3/8 " Height: 21 5/8 " Width: 99 cm Depth: 44 cm Height: 55 cm
TROFAST storage box, green Length: 16 ½ " Width: 11 ¾ " Height: 4 " Length: 42 cm Width: 30 cm Height: 10 cm
Drew was so happy and proud that this got done yesterday.  Hopefully he will be more responsible with keeping them organized since he helped make it happen.  He knows that I will start taking Legos away if he doesn’t!  Stay tuned for future storage in his room.  Hoping to make his small room as functional and age appropriate as possible.
How’s that for a Monday morning Lego rant?  I know you feel my pain if you have a Lego lover in your house!  Have a great week!


  1. I feel your pain with storing toys. Period! I have struggled with this so much since Christmas. Jillian's birthday was also December 21st so we have major toy overload going on. No clue where to put it all! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.