Life Love Larson: Easy Christmas Light Storage


Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy Christmas Light Storage

If you follow me on Instagram (@amlarson3), you saw that we finally got our Christmas lights organized while taking everything down this year.  Not sure why we always tried to shove them back in the box or wound them up and threw them in a bin.  We got smart this year.  Cut out a small piece of cardboard and start winding. One strand of lights per one piece of cardboard.  Genius.  Free.  Why.did.I.not.think.of.this.before.

I just have to get my hubby up on a ladder this weekend to get the outside lights taken down.  That’s the last of Christmas around here…I’m so over it!
And don’t forget to recycle your real tree if you haven’t already! 
Happy weekend, friends!

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