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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Painted Apron

This happened back in October, but I have been hearing about New Year’s Chili Cook Offs, so I thought I would post!  Every year, our neighborhood holds a Halloween party and chili cook off.  This year, I was in charge of making a little something for the winner of the chili cook off.  I couldn’t spend a lot of money and I wanted to DIY something (this is all in good fun).  I couldn’t really find a lot of inspiration online, but I did come across some cute aprons for purchase.

After a trip to Hobby Lobby, very little time, and very little money, I made this apron for the winner.

The apron was half off ($2-$3), and I used a coupon on the fabric markers ($2).
I downloaded the font for free (American Typewriter) to keep it looking like the original (I♥NY).  The apron itself is kind of thin and cheap, so I was able to just put the words behind it and trace the outline with a pencil.

I used the fabric markers to fill in the lettering.  Again, I used cheap markers, so it took a few coats to get it all filled in.  I was lazy and didn’t iron the apron first-oops!
It turned out cute for a little gag gift.  This would be such a great little project to do with your kids (they have adult and kid sized aprons)! 
To go along with the apron, I also made a little trophy for the winner of the chili cook off.  I used a piece of wood from Hob Lob for the base (less than $1), a piece of scrap wood in the middle, and a fake chili pepper from Hobby Lobby ($2) and spray painted it metallic gold (from my stash).
Ever won a chili cook off?  What did your trophy look like?  I will need ideas for next year!

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