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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cleaning a Stainless Steel Sink

I pinned a few different tutorials on how to clean a stainless steel sink, without ever looking at the direct link.  Today, I searched those pins and I ended up not having all the necessary items to accomplish this task (lemon juice, baby oil).  So, I googled this topic and the first one I came across only required two items:  baking soda and vinegar.  Sold!  Let’s do this!
Here is a shot of what our sink was doing before the deep cleaning (one year old).  Of course, I clean the sink, but have never done a deep cleaning of the stainless.  You can see the discoloration below.

Rinse the sink with water.  Shake baking soda all over the sink.
Scrub with a non-abrasive scrubber (I keep this one from Walmart under my sink for cleaning).  Look how quickly this started working!  I’m excited and grossed out all at the same time! :)
Next, spray vinegar all over the sink (on top of the left over baking soda gunk).  This acts as a disinfectant.  I find it handy to just keep a spray bottle of vinegar under the sink too.
After spraying the vinegar, it is time to rinse and admire your shiny, clean sink!
While I was at it, I deep cleaned the faucet and sink mats too.
This was super simple and it worked!  It’s the little things, people…
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  1. Thank you for this idea!!!! I have tried everything and my ss sink always looks dingy. I remember my Grandmother's sink was always sparkly and I could never achieve the same look. I will definitely try this. Thank you for sharing with us:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. So easy! Thank you. I fear if I run downstairs right now to deep clean my sink, I will find the teenager left me dishes in I'll wait until lunch. :) ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. Thank you for sharing that helpful tip. I like that better than using bleach.

    We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  4. I have done this too before, but I mixed together baking soda and vinegar. It works on dirts tougher than what you have!

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog's IG and Pinterest. I blog @ Getting Healthy with Essential Oils

    I am also inviting you to join Tiddle Diddle Handmade Shoppe's first giveaway event.

  5. Wow - my sink has never looked that clean. Baking soda and vinegar is the power couple of cleaning :)

    I host a link party every Thursday - I'd love you have you join and share this.

    Thank you for the great post!


  6. I need to do this! Thanks for sharing the tip! I just started a new blog hop and would love for you to come over and link up your post or any social media.

  7. I love that it requires regular household stuff. I am so going to try this and pin it too!

  8. Oh my gosh. I've tried so many different cleaners on my stainless sink, but none have ever made it look like this. How simple too - baking soda! Trying now.

  9. Hey ladies-hope you all have success with this cleanin method! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thanks for sharing! Vinegar is my favorite cleaning product (much to my daughter's dismay...makes her gag)! I hadn't tried it on my kitchen sink but now I will!

    Have a great day!

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  12. I always wanted my stainless steel sink to be clean and shiny. This is why I keep on experimenting with different cleaning methods to keep my sink spotless and dirt free. I’ve tried using baking soda and vinegar. They’re both great but for me, vinegar is more efficient. I’m really satisfied with it especially when I’m cleaning my stainless fridge.

    Alphonse Daigle

  13. A product you can use is "Barkeepers Friend" it comes in a COMENT like container and it works miracles on porcelain tiles, and Transforms tubs! Sinks! Burnt pots! .... it cleans and polishes