Friday, January 18, 2013

Changing A Home Humidifier Pad

This week, I had an HVAC guy out looking at our heater as part of some warranty work we are having done.  He opened up our home humidifier box (which holds a filter pad) and he discovered it had mold growing on it!  We knew we had humidity control in our house.  This looks like a thermostat and should be located near your furnace.  It has a dial on it so you can determine the amount of humidity you want in your home.  We recently had water droplets on the inside of our windows, so we knew we needed to turn the humidity levels down (not sure if these are found in southern homes or not).

We DID NOT KNOW there was a box located just below the dial that holds a filter pad that needs to be changed at least once a year!  This was the first we had ever heard of this, which is why I am sharing this information.  You must go look and see if you have this in your home and if so, go replace your pad immediately!!

I purchased this one at Home Depot for about $10.  The guy told me I needed a #35 (be sure to look on the side of the model you own so you know what size to get).  Our humidifier is not Honeywell brand, but the sizes must come pretty standard.


These photos were taken in our dark, unfinished basement, so I had to use a flash and they are terrible, but you get the idea.  Here is what the humidity control dial looks like (white box) as well as the box that holds the filter (gray box).


Pull off the front of the gray box and you will see the filter.  Here is a picture of the moldy filter (we have only lived in our house for one year).  The new filter is stark white, so this is pretty gross!


You need to unplug the hose at the top and remove the filter (this will have a black plastic case around it).  Insert the new filter, place back in the box, and insert the hose again.  Ah, maybe we will all breathe a little better now!  While you are at it, you might as well check to see if your air filter needs changed too!


I am so glad I had the HVAC guy out here.  We would have been breathing mold in for months/years to come if I hadn’t learned this information!  This is our 4th home and this information was new to us.  Maybe our other homes didn’t have home humidifiers because we lived in the south, and maybe everyone else knows about this and we are the ignorant ones, but I wanted to pass along this information just in case (especially to all my neighbors who read)! 

Cheers to breathing easy!  I have already made a note in my planner to change this again in October, before we start to run our heat again. 

Curious to know if anyone else was in the dark about this?


  1. This was the first we had ever heard of this, which is why I am sharing this information. You must go look and see if you have this in your home and if so, go replace your pad immediately!! This blog

  2. Seriously, that mold growing in your unit and i know most people wouldn't be aware of such including myself. Nice one here

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  4. Thank you for this! It comes the summer. I saw this article on, Do you think is it necessary to use humidifier in air-conditioned room in summer? If so, will it bring skin damage?


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