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Monday, December 10, 2012

Princess Tea Party Details

I usually make my own cupcakes for my kid’s parties.  They don’t take long, homemade frosting makes them taste delicious, kids could care less where the cupcake came from, and there are so many things to stick in or on a cupcake to make them festive!

For the princess tea party, I found these cute little mini wands in a pack at Hobby Lobby.  With coupon, I got them for less than $2.  I don’t think they are meant for cupcakes, but they worked!  We washed them up and put one in each girl’s treat bags so they could have a mini wand for their dolls.



We had lunch at the party (mini ham & cheese sandwiches, mini pb&j’s, goldfish, fruit kabobs, and cheese sticks).  In trying to keep things “fancy”, for dessert, we had cupcakes, vanilla meringues (from Trader Joe’s), iced pound cake squares, and ice cream cups.  There were little tiny bites taken out of each item, so the girls did a little sampling!


I set the table with our china tea cups and the girls drank pink lemonade and sparking white grape juice (also from Trader Joe’s) out of them. 


In addition to eating lunch and dessert, the guests wore princess dresses, we made bead necklaces, decorated crowns and wands and castles, read “Pinkalicious”, and whacked away at a castle pinata.  It was so cute seeing all the little “princesses” giving the castle a good swat!

As each guest was leaving, Kate gave them a pink rose from the centerpiece.


All in all, it was a great day for our newly turned four year old!  Oh, the joys of having a girl!

I played around with a fun little app which made these pics sparkle a little bit-I thought it was appropriate for the theme of the party!

I made one more little party decoration that I will show in a separate post!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh I love this soooo much! My mom actually threw me a tea party wedding shower that was wonderful! I can't wait to have a little girl to throw tea parties for--she's one lucky girl to have a creative momma like you!

  2. You are so sweet-thank you. One day, I hope my kids appreciate all of the homemade touches! If not, they are in trouble! :)

  3. My daughter would have loved your daughter's party :) Everything is so pretty. We love tea parties, though this year she has also become interested in super heroes and has requested a two layer cake for her 4th layer princesses, one layer super heroes. It should be interesting.

    1. I love this idea-I was a bit of a tomboy/girly girl myself!!

  4. Those cupcakes are absolutely adorable! Makes me want to have a little girl tea party Haha~


  5. How fun! Great ideas. The pink lemonade and sparkling grape juice sounds super good!

  6. Beautiful! We had a tea party for my daughter's birthday and used the same wands from Hobby Lobby. Aren't they wonderful? Thanks for sharing your lovely creation!