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Monday, December 3, 2012

Iced Pound Cake Squares

I want to start showing you a few things I made for Kate’s princess tea party that was this past weekend.  First up, a Pinterest recipe that was a major hit! 
pound cake 3

Simply purchase a store bought, frozen pound cake.  Remove from freezer and shave off the outer edges of the cake.
pound cake 1
Cut into squares and set on top of a cooling rack.  Then,  place on top of a cookie sheet.
pound cake 2
Time to whip up some frosting.  The “pin” said to mix 2 cups powdered sugar and 4 tablespoons of water (I used a little hand mixer).  The consistency is a little runnier than traditional frosting, but you want it to be runny so you can pour it onto the pound cake.  I added one drop of red food coloring to make pink.

Here is where I had my doubts!  So much frosting was being lost onto the cookie sheet and the cake squares were not getting totally covered.  I decided to get out another cookie sheet and transfer the cooling rack onto it.  I then spooned up the excess frosting from the pan and poured it on again.  I transferred and coated the pound cake several times to make sure the squares were covered.  This way I didn’t have to keep making more icing.  It worked!

pound cake
While the frosting was fresh, I added little edible pearls to the tops to make them “fancy” for Kate’s party (I purchased mine at Homegoods). 
I popped them into the refrigerator and let them harden over night.  The squares turned out really cute and they were so good! 
These are perfect for birthdays or showers, or for any occasion really!  I think they are just so cute!  Next time, I will make the squares smaller and more bite size.  A big thank you to my sister for being my kitchen assistant!
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  1. Oh these are adorable! Im sure she loved them! What a great idea!

  2. This will be perfect for the surprise I have for my daughters preschool teachers. I host a link party each week and would love to have you link this up. Check it out at:
    Have a great week

  3. Cute! I've done this with white chocolate and banana bread - so delicious! Visiting from It's Overflowing...Sarah