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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up & Year in Review

We traveled to my sister’s for Christmas again this year.  Rest assured, we sent Santa a note telling him we would not be in our own home.  Thankfully, he heard us :).  We had a fantastic time!  The current state of my home is beyond me right now.  I don’t know where to start with all the laundry, “stuff” that we are tripping over, and putting away Christmas decorations, so I will drink coffee and blog instead!

I have to admit that having a white Christmas and a nip in the air made everything feel so cozy and festive.  The dads and kids went sledding the first day we were there.  Had the sun not set, they would have stayed out there for hours!

Last year, because the weather was so mild, we took a sleigh ride that was more of a hay ride.  This year, we woke up on Christmas Eve, and it was snowing for our sleigh ride!  It was truly magical!  It was 17 degrees, the trees were snow filled, the horses had jingle bells on their bottoms, we were all cozied up under blankets, and it was snowing!  Truly an awesome memory to have with our family.
It’s back to reality now and I am so ready for the new year!  Something about a fresh start and looking forward to what is in store for us puts a smile on my face.  And I love organizing a new planner (everyone loves this, right)?  In 2012, we made our 6th move (to Kansas).  It’s hard to believe we will be in our new house for almost a year.  We are settled and this is home.  Of course, there are still so many projects on the horizon for our home.  I am hoping to tackle a master bedroom makeover this year, finish up the dining room, and spruce up our backyard space, along with several small projects.  In 2013, our oldest child will start kindergarten and Steve and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary (with a big trip)!  I hope you will stay tuned!

I’ve been blogging for two years now, with a total of 193 posts in 2012.  That’s a lot of words and ramblings!  Thanks for checking in!  I hope you have found something that has inspired you along the way.  I hope you already know that I like to keep this a positive place for myself and everyone who reads.  I never want to act or seem that our lives are perfect or that my house is never messy or that my kids never get on my nerves.  THAT IS NOT THE CASE!  I get to show you the positive things going on in our home because that is what I am sure you want to hear!  For example, this is what my house looks like right now…scary!

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  1. Such a magical time. I love snow at Christmas time. It really does make it more special. Best of everything in the New Year.