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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up & Year in Review

We traveled to my sister’s for Christmas again this year.  Rest assured, we sent Santa a note telling him we would not be in our own home.  Thankfully, he heard us :).  We had a fantastic time!  The current state of my home is beyond me right now.  I don’t know where to start with all the laundry, “stuff” that we are tripping over, and putting away Christmas decorations, so I will drink coffee and blog instead!

I have to admit that having a white Christmas and a nip in the air made everything feel so cozy and festive.  The dads and kids went sledding the first day we were there.  Had the sun not set, they would have stayed out there for hours!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vintage Bar Cart

A few weeks ago, Steve, the kids and I went shopping in the West Bottoms on my birthday.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday…coffee and vintage shopping!  And, the best part is, I scored a great piece!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day & Some Holiday Decor

I am officially signing off until after Christmas!  We are traveling to my sister’s, so I am busy getting packed up and getting last minute things in order.  It did snow here yesterday, but it’s already starting to melt.  My sister, just 3 hours north of us, got dumped on!  We are taking our cold weather gear up there so the kids can go sledding and play in the huge mounds with their cousins.  What a difference 3 hours makes!

The kids in our backyard (Samson got in on the action too)…


And here is a picture of where we are going (my sister’s in Iowa).  It/s –1 wind chill right now.  Steve and I grew up with this, but after living in the south for 10 years, it is hard to revert back to this!photo (5)

I didn’t do a lot of holiday décor this year.  Last Christmas, while our house was being finished, we were living in a hotel room, so I did not have any decorations out.  This year, I kept it simple.  I already have a lot of red in my house, so it looks festive without putting much out!


pom garland 1




natural wreath 1



Best “winter” hand soap.  Period.


I designed our Christmas card this year and sent them to friends and family in 18 states!

card!!  Merry.everything!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Fun

Certainly at this point, my kids know I am a “blogger”.  The other night we were out looking at Christmas lights and I particularly liked the way one house looked.  Drew says to me, “Mom, why don’t you just take pictures and blog about it already.”  Yep, he knows me!
The festivities are in full swing around here.  Home Alone, Frosty the Snowman, and The Grinch have been watched, I hosted a little holiday get together and ornament exchange, we drove around to see Christmas lights, Drew has seen Santa, Christmas cards have been delivered, we’ve baked, decorated cookies, had preschool caroling, shopped/wrapped and we are hoping for snow tonight! 
I have one child who likes Santa, and one child who is terrified of adults in costume (not looking good for Disney any time soon :).  Drew busted Santa drinking Starbucks in his down time which he thought was pretty funny.  He looks so long here, I can’t stand it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Pom Garland

I wanted to make a little pom garland for my kitchen window for the holidays.  I think they are festive any time of year, but thought it was an especially good time to make one.
pom garland 1

Monday, December 17, 2012

White Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

I make these cookies every year, after trying and loving them at a cookie exchange when we lived in South Carolina.  They are festive and delicious!  This year, I made some for our neighbors, and I am getting ready to throw another batch in the oven for Steve to take to work.  These don’t last long, so make a lot!
cookies 1

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

“Dipped” Coffee Filter Number

This is the last post about Kate’s birthday party, I promise!  Then on to Christmas stuff!
I decided to make a large coffee filter number “4” to hang on the door for an additional decoration.  This was made over coffee (fittingly, right?) the morning before the party with supplies I had on hand:  a large piece of cardboard, coffee filters, glue gun, craft paint, and command strips.  I found this idea on Pinterest and put my own spin on it. 
coffee filter number 1

Monday, December 10, 2012

Princess Tea Party Details

I usually make my own cupcakes for my kid’s parties.  They don’t take long, homemade frosting makes them taste delicious, kids could care less where the cupcake came from, and there are so many things to stick in or on a cupcake to make them festive!

For the princess tea party, I found these cute little mini wands in a pack at Hobby Lobby.  With coupon, I got them for less than $2.  I don’t think they are meant for cupcakes, but they worked!  We washed them up and put one in each girl’s treat bags so they could have a mini wand for their dolls.



We had lunch at the party (mini ham & cheese sandwiches, mini pb&j’s, goldfish, fruit kabobs, and cheese sticks).  In trying to keep things “fancy”, for dessert, we had cupcakes, vanilla meringues (from Trader Joe’s), iced pound cake squares, and ice cream cups.  There were little tiny bites taken out of each item, so the girls did a little sampling!


I set the table with our china tea cups and the girls drank pink lemonade and sparking white grape juice (also from Trader Joe’s) out of them. 


In addition to eating lunch and dessert, the guests wore princess dresses, we made bead necklaces, decorated crowns and wands and castles, read “Pinkalicious”, and whacked away at a castle pinata.  It was so cute seeing all the little “princesses” giving the castle a good swat!

As each guest was leaving, Kate gave them a pink rose from the centerpiece.


All in all, it was a great day for our newly turned four year old!  Oh, the joys of having a girl!

I played around with a fun little app which made these pics sparkle a little bit-I thought it was appropriate for the theme of the party!

I made one more little party decoration that I will show in a separate post!  Happy Monday!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Recent Happenings

I was going through some old photos and realized I haven’t done a photo dump on you guys in a while, so here goes...

This big guy is having some medical issues.  I need to do a post about it, but for now, he is getting just a tad bit spoiled :)!


Drew is having a major Star Wars obsession right now.  He dressed up little sis as Princess Leia all on his own (and I did the hair)!


Growing up before our very eyes…













My kids are slightly obsessed with “Go Fish” and Uno right now too.  Nothing like a little card game with your morning milk!


And this is what a Lego fanatic does at “quiet time”…


Scored this chevron tank at Marshall’s for $5!  Woo hoo!


If you need a little chevron in your life, you can go to Homegoods and grab a $20 throw, or to Walmart at grab yourself a $5 scarf!


This is a big deal for a child who HATES to put her face/head in the water!


Just love this artwork display wall for so many cute reasons…


Steve’s brothers were here for Thanksgiving and spoiled the kids.  Kate is now the proud owner of a mini-me AG doll.


Clark Griswold got his festive on!  I don’t think he likes to make appearances on the blog very often, but he doesn’t read, so I think we’re good (he lives the blog every day of his life)!


Best Christmas tree watering mechanism ever.  Why did I not have one of these until a week ago?


Steve was out of town all week, so we have been eating out and being silly…


And we may or may not have had ice cream for dinner once this week :)…


Of course I have to tackle a project when Steve is out of town, so I made a DIY tree skirt (details soon), and started painting stripes in my newly painted white bathroom.  Details to come on this as well, but it might be 2013 before I am done!


Have you survived the longest post in LLL history?  I turn 33 on Saturday, and we just so happen to have a babysitter and a party on the books.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Cheers!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Calendar-Christmas Countdown

Here is another Pinterest find!  Simply print this calendar on cardstock and have your kids glue a cotton ball to Santa’s beard each day leading up to Christmas.  When Christmas Eve arrives, Santa will have a full beard!
santa calendar 1

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Five Minute Natural Wreath

I needed a little something for the back of my front door and I didn’t want to spend any money.  I rummaged through my wreaths and found an old grapevine.  I simply added some tree trimmings from our tree (secured with floral wire) and a red ribbon. 
natural wreath 1

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Large Pom Decoration & Mini Pom Treat Bags

For Kate’s princess tea party, I solely focused on decorating the table where the girls would be eating lunch and getting crafty.  I decided to add a large pom to the back of each chair to add a little whimsy and “fanciness”.  These are so easy and cheap to make and they make a large impact. 
Using the same technique as I used for Kate’s pom cluster, these came together in no time.  I used two packages of pastel tissue paper from Dollar Tree, fishing wire, and floral wire and tied them to the back of each chair.

poms 2

Monday, December 3, 2012

Iced Pound Cake Squares

I want to start showing you a few things I made for Kate’s princess tea party that was this past weekend.  First up, a Pinterest recipe that was a major hit! 
pound cake 3