Life Love Larson: Our Back Door is Black


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Back Door is Black

The back door that leads to our covered patio is right off the kitchen eating area.  We have light paint, creamy white trim, and lots of windows at the back of our house.  I felt that space needed a little contrast, so I painted the interior (and exterior) door in semi gloss black.  The back door is mostly uncovered glass, so really just the trim of the door is black.  Even that small amount of black has totally changed the space! 

This space is hard to photograph, so excuse the dark pictures, but you get the idea.
Here is the way the space looked before.
And here it is with a few coats of semi gloss black.
I’m obsessed and want to paint every interior door black!  One of these days I will get around to doing my interior front door…


  1. I painted my front and back doors black a few months ago. I absolutely love them. The black just gives them so much more dimension and the added umph that they needed.

  2. It really does look so great! Our interior front doors are black, and I'm crazy about them!

  3. It's good that you coated your door. Black is simply sexy! You can go with white if you want to look your backdoor area neat, calm, and merely apparent. If you don't want to try other colors, you can go safe with black. It won't look contrasting with the rest of the details because it goes well with whatever shade you have in the room.

    Mary Martin @ Jones & Associates