Life Love Larson: Happy Birthday, Kate! ♥


Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kate! ♥

My youngest turns four today and she thinks she is just so big!  Excuse me while I gush and wipe away a little tear.  :)  We have loved watching Kate grow into a sweet, sassy, mature little girl.  I like to say she is 4 going on 16!


We didn’t find out the gender with either of our kids until they were born.  We were sure Kate was going to be another boy as my pregnancies were so similar and I carried the same, etc.  When our doctor held up our baby and shouted “It’s a Girl!”, we were in absolute shock.  Good shock.  Wonderful shock.  So fun to have a little girl and so fun to see Steve squirm a little bit (he only has brothers)! 

She has Steve’s heart.  She loves to snack.  She is fun loving and quick witted like her daddy.  She is smart beyond her years.  She loves playing dress up and mothering her dolls.  She loves to help mom around the house.  She cares about what she wears and how her hair is done (gasp!).  She loves gymnastics and dance and can’t wait to be a cheerleader.  Things come quickly for her (good and bad!).  She has an unbelievable bond with her brother.  She keeps us on our toes.  She has a contagious belly laugh.  She is Kate Elizabeth (aka Bunny), age 4.

image via Pinterest