Life Love Larson: Ten on Ten: October 2012


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten on Ten: October 2012

Take 10 pictures on the 10th of the month to capture life’s beauty in the day to day. Linking up at A Bit of Sunshine, the original inspiration!

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As usual, the 10th caught us on a pretty normal, uneventful day (the best kind)!

Never too old for a little pre-breakfast Play Doh!


I decided to get a little crazy and paint my nails a nice fall color.  I usually have paint, stain, or my hands in a sink full of dishes, so this gesture is usually a big waste of time!  Update: already have a chip on my left pointer…it was fun while it lasted…ha!


We got “Boo-ed” last night, so the kids were so excited to hang our “We’ve been Boo-ed” sign by the front door…


Kate (and I) went to a friend’s house this morning while Drew was at school.  The girls decorated a plastic gingerbread house in October-love it!  I got to feed, change, and hold the three month old sister, so we both had a great time!


In keeping up with getting “Boo-ed”, the kids and I went shopping for our own “Boo-ing” items. 


Don’t judge my time-I was weak from donating blood yesterday (that’s what they all say)!


Something I just have to do at least once per day (I have a love/hate relationship with crumbs and dark hardwood floors)…


Always Mommy’s helper…pruning and weeding and putting flowers in our hair.  What a gorgeous day it was!


A little catch with Daddy while the sun was still shining…


Finally!  It’s dark and we get to go “Boo” some of our neighbors…highlight of their day!


Thanks for checking out a normal day in the life with us!


  1. OK, I'm not sure what "booing" is but it looks fun. Great pics!

    1. mmcgre01-We are new to this too! Someone fills a little goodie bag of stuff, drops it on your porch, rings the doorbell and runs away so you don't know how "Boo-ed" you! You pass it on to another neighbor and so on. You put a ghost in your window so people know you have been Boo-ed and don't get it twice!

  2. It's a day filled with sweets and exercise- awesome!
    Gingerbread house covered with cereal is so funny. My kids would love to do the same.

  3. My neighborhood growing up used to Boo people. It was so fun! Your goodies look great!