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Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY “Spooky” Hanging Ghosts

Happy Friday!  I wanted to share this quick tutorial for making hanging ghosts.  I saw the idea on Pinterest, and it was an original PB knock off.  I am certain my ghosts came in a lot cheaper than the PB ones!  You can find the original source and pin here.


The supplies needed are styrofoam balls (I used 5”), black craft paint, cheesecloth (I used 3 yards total), 2 eye hooks per ghost, and something to hang them from (I used twine).

Start out by free handing some black eyes on your styrofoam with craft paint.


At this time, I also inserted an eye hook at the top and secured with some wood glue. 


Once the glue and the eyes were dry, I cut the cheesecloth into 3 different pieces (one for each ghost) and draped it over each styrofoam ball.  The beauty of these styrofoam balls is that the cheesecloth “sticks” to them without having to do any extra adhering! 

Once the cheesecloth was on, I started to shred the bottom with scissors.  There is no science to this.  Just cut some strips and kind of tug and pull until them look “spooky” and will sway in the wind.  Here is a shot of them at night.


Once the ghosts were done, I enlisted Steve’s help to hang them from our covered porch.  He screwed 3 eyehooks into the porch ceiling and we hung each ghost from twine at different lengths.  I think they look cute at staggered heights and clustered together.  I also had Steve hang the ghosts towards the back of the covered porch to protect from the elements.  I also wanted them to be hung right underneath one of our recessed lights so they would be highlighted at night!


And here is a shot from the inside out.


The kids are so excited to have these ghosts hanging!  They check on them every day and night and tell me that are still flying.


A few observations since they have been hung for a few days:

1.  They have stayed hung and are sturdy despite some wind and rain
2.  The cheesecloth gets stuck together at the bottom sometimes, but the breeze will undo this
3.  The eyes are never all going to be facing forward at the same time, but you get the idea!
4.  Found a moth stuck between the ball and the cheesecloth this morning that I had to rescue!


Here’s hoping these last through Oct. 31st!  I just love them.  Here is the cost breakdown:

3 Styrofoam balls:  $3 each after purchasing each with a coupon

3 yards of cheesecloth:  This was either 2.99/yd. or 3.99/yd. I also had a 50% off coupon.

The craft paint, eye hooks, and twine where all items I already had on hand making this DIY project super inexpensive!

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  1. Totally planning to copy you on this one! So cute! Thanks! ;)

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  3. So cute and creative!

  4. Your ghosts turned out cute! Thanks for linking back to my PB Ghosts :)

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  5. LOVE how your ghosts look! The kids and I are making some today with some cheesecloth I found at the dollar store! Thanks so much for the great tutorial!