Life Love Larson: A Few More Budget Friendly Halloween Decorations


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Few More Budget Friendly Halloween Decorations

Last year, my friend Jill in San Antonio, hung a large amount of bats in her foyer to make it look like they were flying in a pack.  It was so simple and so striking and I knew I wanted to do it this year!  Thanks for the idea, Jill!

I started out by putting the bats outside on my front door.  They lasted about a week and kept falling off.  I had “dead” bats laying on my porch every morning and that was getting old!  Even though we have a covered porch, the paper bats were getting damp and crinkling up.  So, I brought them inside…
I bought a pack of pre-cut bats at Dollar Tree a while back, and when I finally decided to hang them, I needed a lot more, and of course, they were all gone.  So, I hand cut about 20 bats out of cardstock (oh, the things I do for this place)! :)  They are hung with doubled sided tape.  Total for this project was $1 because I already had a bunch of black cardstock in my stash.
If you are not a local friend or neighbor, you are probably noticing the black and white curtains hanging in my dining room!  I haven’t blogged about those yet, but they are coming.  I have a little obsession going on with black and white right now (oh, and stripes)!
My sister told me about this little metal spider web.  I decided to hang it on the inside of my front door.  This web was $3.99, but I also had a 20% coupon, making it super inexpensive!!  The spider ribbon is from Dollar Tree.
The stuff above is called “creepy cloth” (also from the Dollar Tree).  Such a fun little addition when draped over a mantle or thrown on any piece of décor to make it “creepy” looking!
Lastly, I found these black crows at Dollar Tree and knew I had to find a home for them.  Wanting to use what I already had, I cut some tree branches from a tree out back, spray painted them matte black (with .97 cans from Walmart I keep on hand), attached the birds, and threw them in a vase.
So, between the spider wreath, the spooky hanging ghosts, and the few other items I added, I think I spent less than $20! 
A quick side note about the ghosts…my sister just sent me this picture of the ghosts she made and she decided to keep them indoors (hanging from the chandelier in her foyer).
photo (2)
Hope you are having fun decorating for Halloween!  Happy October!


  1. Such fun touches! So funny we have the same dollar tree crows and ribbon! Love the bats in a big flock (group?) like that!

  2. This looks awesome! I love the black and white. So dramatic! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Feathered Nest. I am your newest follower.
    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

    1. Susie! Thanks for stopping by...I will be visiting you next!

  3. I've seen bats flying all around this season, and I'm loving it!!

  4. So cute!! I found you on TT and J and am a new follower! I love your style. :)

  5. I like the bats. Simple, classic, and effective.