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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Updated House Numbers

There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to update your home.  Trying to get a bang for your buck with curb appeal?  Start with changing out your house numbers!  We have a new house, but our house numbers were plastic and a little too ornate for my taste.  After looking at a few different places, these numbers from Home Depot were my favorite (I have cropped out our full house number for privacy purposes :).


I screwed up and forgot to take a picture of our house numbers before, but they looked something like this.  Again, there is nothing wrong with these numbers, but every other house in our neighborhood has these numbers and I wanted a more custom look.  I also knew I wanted to stay with black.

6 in. Plastic House Number 3

The house numbers I chose are inset into the wall, so we had to take off the old numbers, patch and paint the holes, and drill new holes.  The numbers come with step by step instructions and actually has you line up with numbers so you know where to drill your holes.


After you drill the holes and get your numbers lined up, you fill the holes with clear silicone to set the numbers.  We used painters tape to keep the numbers flush and in place.


IMG_0069 (2)

I think the new numbers change the whole look of our front porch and entry space.  They are much more clean and modern and a bit three dimensional because they are not flush with the house.

It is amazing what a little bit of time and a little money ($5.99 per number) can do!  Not looking to buy all new numbers?  Spray paint the ones you have for an updated look.  You can find house numbers at any home improvement store and there are so many choices online.  Make sure you measure how large you want your numbers to be before you purchase (they come in different sizes).


Pictures of our painted door coming soon with a larger view of the porch!

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