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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tale of Two Chairs: Fabric

I really had a hard time deciding what direction to go with the fabric on my two chairs.  I knew a source of inspiration would strike me.   Then, I saw a settee that Little Green Notebook reupholstered recently and I was sold on thin, vertical, black and white stripes.  I love a stripe. I love a black and white stripe.  Classic and modern all at the same time. 

The fabric on her settee was over $40 a yard, and that was just over budget for me, so I started doing a little digging online.  Because these chairs are going to be more for looks (though I hope they will definitely be sat in), I decided I could go with something less expensive.  I decided on this Carrie Stripe from Carousel Designs.

Black and White Carrie Stripe 500x500 image

At $7.99/yard, it was in my price range, and I liked the tight stripe.  I ended up ordering 3 yards of fabric for both chairs, and had quite a bit left over.  I will make a pillow or a window covering or something with it soon.  Shipping was reasonable and the fabric arrived quickly.


I kept all of the old fabric and cushions when I took all the staples out, so I had a template when cutting the new fabric to size.  I ended up reusing all of the old insides of the chair because they were in good shape.  I started with the back of the chair, always pulling tight before stapling.  Stripes are tricky because one tug to much, and the whole surface looks “off”.  I use a heavy duty staple gun and staples that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.


Once the back side was in place, I stapled on the front piece.


The seat itself was the most difficult piece to cut and staple.  Again, the stripes were a little frustrating to keep straight and getting them around the arms and back took a lot of tugging and pulling.  Because the seat is large, I ended up pinning the old fabric to the new fabric so I could get a precise measurement when cutting.


The chairs are recovered, but I still need to trim back the excess fabric and find some black trim.  I want something really clean and easy to adhere.  The chairs are sitting in the living room waiting to be finished, so hopefully it will happen this week.  I will show more pictures of them in the room when they are completely done!


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  1. Wow the chair looks fantastic and I also love the stripes! Very classic looking!

  2. That looks incredible!! Love it!!