Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterest Fail: Sharpie Plates

I have to say that most things I have tried from Pinterest are fantastic.  There have been a few recipes that look so good in pictures, and they have turned out so-so when I have tried them.  I usually don’t try anything to complicated by way of crafty stuff, so most things work out in my favor. 

A month or so ago, the kids and I decided to make sharpie plates (draw on a white plate with different colored sharpies, bake for 30 minutes in the oven, and the image will forever be baked on).  SO NOT THE CASE!  I originally thought I didn’t bake it long enough, or at the right temperature, but I tried it again, and it failed a second time!  I was only upset because the plates turned out so cute!  The fail came when we went to wash the plates and the water started to run in colors.

They were fun to look at when they were first done…apparently they were in the mood for abstract!


At least the plates were from Dollar Tree and the Sharpies were on sale for .39 each!


At least Drew and Kate got to eat lunch on them once!


Has anyone had success with this concept?  Please enlighten me!


  1. Oh no! I was just thinking about trying this too. Darn. Your kids drawings turned out so cute too.

  2. I remember doing this 35+ years ago when I was a kid. The plates my mom had were plastic. I would think the plastic would be porous vs the ceramic which is already glazed.

  3. Try it with one of these types of Sharpie pens

  4. No luck with me either. I had to go back to the actual paint and that seems to be better.


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