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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Few Tweaks

Happy September! Here I sit on a Saturday afternoon, while everyone in the house is napping, listening to the joyous sounds of rain!  And lots of it!  We have gotten more rain in the last 30 hours than we have in the past 4 months.  Hello, greener yard and cooler temps!

This long weekend brings about a few projects and tweaks.

New blog header…


I made a new pillow cover…


I got a wild hair and decided to paint an entire wall in chalkboard paint…


Mums have been purchased and fall wreath is ready to go…


I’m trying to figure out what other projects I can get my hubby to help with in between football games!  What tweaks are you making to your home this weekend?

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  1. Hurray for rain! Same here...more in 2 days than all summer long and boy we needed it! I love that you did a whole wall in chalkboard paint!