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Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Photos of Late

I know it is supposed to be “10 on 10” today, but I am heading out of town for the weekend!  I will still be taking 10 photos today, just posting them a little late!

Unprompted affection on the way to the gym…IMG_0140

Playing “Olympics” at 6:30am…IMG_0148

Another night out with my hubby- First Friday, drinks, and food trucks…IMG_0154

I think I have FINALLY picked out some fabric for these guys…IMG_0151

Protecting Samson from the rain…IMG_0162

New kicks for Pre-K…IMG_0178

Double rainbows (rounding out a total of 4 this week)…IMG_0219

Being good little citizens…IMG_0213

The most precious little ballerina…IMG_0210

Today, I’m heading to the lake for a long weekend with a girlfriend.  The catch??  NO KIDS!  Daddy Daycare is going to be in full force around here.  The kids are practically pushing me out the door…apparently Daddy is way more fun than me!  Everyone wins!  :) 
Happy Weekend!

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