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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mini Golf Birthday Party

Drew decided on an indoor mini golf party this year.  Every year of his life we have had a sports themed party…baseball, bowling, soccer, swimming, mini golf.  I think you can see a theme here, but that is what he loves!

Because the party was at a venue, there really wasn’t a lot for me to do, but I like to do a few homemade things for every party…

These were super simple to make.  I bought the invitations at Hobby Lobby ($3 after using 40% off coupon). I thought they looked sort of golf-ish.  I printed out the party details on cardstock, cut them with shears, and stuck them to the invitation with a glue stick (I was having printer issues with just printing them on the original invite). 

I then found some golf ball stickers (also at Hobby Lobby for 50% off), and purchased a pack of golf tees at Target for a few bucks.  I simply taped the golf tee to the invitation and put the sticker above.  I liked that it was 3-D! (there were no issues with fitting them in the envelopes and mailing them).




I usually always make my own cupcakes.  The cupcakes were made from a box and frosting was homemade (thank you to my sister for helping me make these).  My sister always makes her cupcakes large (to make them look more gourmet) and they really do look so much better.

Drew chose chocolate cupcakes because he thought the chocolate would look like dirt.  He knew I was going to make green frosting and make it look like grass.  I also decided to add some flags to the cupcakes to make them festive and go with the theme.  Hole “5”, of course, for the 5th birthday!  These are made out of scrapbook paper and a cake pop stick.  Super simple.  We frosted the cupcake and used a fork to “poke up” the frosting to look like grass. 



I decided to give each of the kids a cupcake to take home (not super fun, but super practical).  I used a Pinterest tip and placed the cupcake inside a 9 oz. plastic cup for easy transport.  Instead of the golf flag, I added a plastic golf ball on top of the “grass”, wrapped the whole thing up in a cellophane bag, tied the top with green gingham ribbon, and included two golf tees.




This all made for one very happy little big 5 year old!


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  1. I like that you added the tee on the invite with the sticker; too cute. The use of cupcakes as favors is pretty nice too since you added more tees and a golf ball on top. Very fun.