Life Love Larson: Happy 5th Birthday, Drew!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Drew!

Hard to believe that Drew is 5 today!  I loved age 4, and I know I will love age 5 even more.  I will spare you all of the cliché stuff about your kids getting older and how fast time goes by (it all rings true)…

I feel blessed and grateful to have spent all day, every day with this guy for 5 years…here’s to one more year at home before big school stuff!


Today, we will be eating pizza at Costco for lunch (he’s a cheap date), and going out for frozen yogurt after dinner.  He mostly just wants to be at home today playing with all of the new Legos he opened this morning. 


He liked the streamers, but wasn’t so much into the big paper hat I bought him to wear today (he is way too serious for that)!  I will be sure to blog about party details after the weekend festivities! 

Happy 5th to the kindest, smartest,  loving child.  What a wonderful 5 year journey we have had so far!

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  1. They do grow so fast don't they? It's bitter sweet.. Happy Birthday Drew! :)