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Monday, August 27, 2012

Easy Under Cabinet Lighting Option

We recently joined Costco.  I resisted for a long time because I didn’t think I would go enough to make it worth my while.  I am also not very good at buying in bulk.  However, I needed new tires on my car, and Costco came in the cheapest (I called 5 places), even with the purchase of the membership. 

While I was getting tires put on the car (yes, I managed to kill 3 hours with 2 toddlers at Costco), the kids and I walked up and down every aisle checking out the goods.  I came across these wireless motion sensor under cabinet lights and thought they were interesting. 


Our current house is the first house we have had under cabinet lighting. While I never knew I cared, I could not imagine not having it now.  I love the task lighting and how it provides a nice glow at night when all the other lights are off.  If your house is not wired for under cabinet lighting, these might be a good option.  $19.99 for two.  This could be a much cheaper option for the same desired outcome!

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