Life Love Larson: Ten on Ten: July 2012


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ten on Ten: July 2012

Take 10 pictures on the 10th of the month to capture life’s beauty in the day to day. Linking up at A Bit of Sunshine, the original inspiration!

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July 10th was a very normal day in the Larson household…

1.  Up at 6:30am.  Blogging about my first giveaway-don’t forget to enter!IMG_8115

2.  Drew is my early riser and is usually up before Kate, so today we practiced writing.  You can tell what he is in to right now…skeleton, fight, ninja, earth, fire…hilarious!IMG_8116

3.  Paint deliberation…my front door is getting a makeover!IMG_8117

4.  A trip to Lowes.  These two could probably find their way around Lowes blindfolded!IMG_8121

5.  These two could probably find their way around every grocery store blindfolded as well!IMG_8122

6.  Afternoon pool time.  Ah, to be young and carefree…love it…IMG_8125

7.  Local sweet corn for dinner…IMG_8130

8.  Someone has decided that she actually might like a vegetable…IMG_8135

9.  Very close to finishing up the process of planting a tree with Daddy.  More to come on this!IMG_8142

10.  Snuggled up after a long day…why are my children going to bed so late this summer?!?!IMG_8143

Hope you had a great 10th!


  1. Coming over from 10 on 10. seems like a great day.
    oooow and painting your door. i love painted doors. they're my favorite.
    have a great day.

  2. Totally productive and gorgeous day! The local corn looks so yummy. I love painted front doors. And, yeah, my kids need to get back on schedule soon too...late summer nights!