Thursday, July 12, 2012

$2 succulents

I’ve done it again.  I raided the indoor clearance plants at Lowe’s.  Those racks with the yellow mark down stickers just have a way with me. :)  I walked away with 3 indoor house plants and two bowls of succulents for $5.75!  They looked to be in perfectly good shape to me!

Official hoarder of plants…maybe…

Here is my bowl of succulents for $2 (there were two on the rack and of course I bought both).



I wasn’t crazy about the brown bowl that it came in so I did a quick switcheroo with an empty bowl I got on clearance at Homegoods for $2. 



In case you were wondering, the small gold bowl is from West Elm (mom got it on sale for me), and the other small dish is a thrift find for $.99.  Succulents are low maintenance and cheap and are small enough to fit in cute little containers-I highly recommend!

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  1. Those are pretty.. I am just starting to learn about plants.. What kind of plants are these and why do they call them Succulants? Thanks :)
    Robyn Oh, love the new bowls too! :)


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