Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trellis Love

In the yard of our first house (in Charlotte), we had a trellis.  I planted a clematis and it grew fast and wild.  I loved it.  Fast forward to our fourth house, and I finally purchased another trellis.  This time I planted a mandevilla vine in the ground in front of it.  I actually got it for $4.98 on the distressed rack at Lowe’s.  It looked alive and well to me, and it has proven to be anything but distressed.


The trellis is also from Lowe’s.  It was around $40, but it is sturdy (has stayed put in our KS winds) and I liked the pattern. 


In just a few short weeks, the mandevilla vine is winding up the trellis and lovely pink flowers are blooming!  I am loving the dimension and height it brings to the walkway.



Do you have a trellis or a vine plant growing somewhere in your yard? 

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