Monday, June 11, 2012

Ten on Ten: June 2012

I didn’t have a chance to upload pictures last night, so here are 10 random pictures from yesterday, June 10th.  I will be linking up here.

ten on ten button

I woke up to find a huge moving truck across the street.  This is the third set of neighbors to move on our street in three weeks!


Every morning has to start with a few cups of Joe.


Every morning also involves watering flowers on the patio.


I purchased some much needed new kicks and jazzed them up with some pink laces!


A little lunch at Jersey Mike’s…I recommend the mini Italian on white, Mike’s Way!


The light was hitting Kate’s hair just right, making me jealous of those natural highlights…


Two of my favorite guys…


I spent a little time on a DIY project I have been trying finish up…more to come on that!


Delivered a house warming gift to our next door neighbors…


Finished up the day with a little popcorn (the more butter, the better) and Hangover II.


Hope your 10th was great!


  1. I agree. The more butter the better! And I adored your picture of your men. Very cute. Also, I water my flowers pretty early in the day as well. It relaxes me.

    Your day looks lovely!


  2. How kind of you to give such a nice house warming gift to your new neighbours! I bet they loved it.
    It looked like you had a great day Sunday, love this set of yours!

  3. I love getting new neighbors! You're welcome gift looks sweet.


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